Attitude of servitude

Walter Hoebich will show up and draw on whatever necessary

It’s not long before associates recognize a sincere desire to assist and even dazzle, even if to just show up wherever to draw whatever for our common cause of engaging clients and students, and leading to their retention, as well.



Dual-platform designer

ms-logoI spend about 50 percent of each day on a PC and the rest on a Mac. The platforms both deliver well for me, and I manage with both the Explorer and the Finder. I love both systems for small reasons, but slingin’ pixels on the Mac truly is more enjoyable for me.



Learner for Life

  • Always seeking out most efficient methods for production
  • Wide array of skills offered through consistent study and review
  • Membership and professional certification at online training grounds
  • Strong desire to offer more to dev teams, with production agility that comes with additional and refined skills


Exploring remote options offered by work

As remote production opportunities increase, I look forward to a near-future schedule that includes one day a week of serving the current company remotely. My car is looking forward to it as well. As much as 350 a year can be saved in petroleum expenses, and the wearNtear would be less, of course.

Mannequin challenge


Silly Me

Me and Will discuss life, liberty and my hidden desire to act.









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