walte hoebich art to support training for military process

quick sketch during a meeting

TulongCartoon for the Globe to use as a filler somewhere

Stylin & profilin at 22, I think
Wartime in the Gulf was a calling to the warrior within...but I wasn't aware that the Marines offered an occupation in Visual Communication.


Visual Communications school,
Lowry Air Force Base


Pencil drawing

Honor Graduate

Introduction to Graphics, 40 hrs

Basic Illustration, 80 hrs

Design, Color and Media, 72 hrs

Lettering and Text Layout, 88 hrs

Visual Communications, 104 hrs

Animation, 68 hrs


Parris Island
rifle expert, squad leader


pasta-poster Signage for MWR
Going Away Card
Farewell cartoon

Long lines at the PX: Get a pizza delivered in line




Volunteer and commissioned designer

illustration of a psycho drill instructor

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