Monster versions drawn from student drawings


In my version, the discolored arm is the arm of action, with the threatening, flower-like venus fly trap at the end

Furry monster submission

My Furry monster rendering

Pizza Monster, submitted 

“Pizzasaurus”portrayed as grumpy character from manipulated photo of my lunch

Back to basics

Many times, when knowing what to get someone for a gift is NOT known, because they have stuff already – I draw them and mail it to them

Portrait of her Mom

An old lady’s pet

Friendly gestures in cards and messages


Garden statue repainted




Seminole fan


This head was drawn on a printed art board: thick-gauge poster board with preliminary art I drew and had on the pages, leaving the area for heads blank. Border elements with customizing potential were created as well.


Website design and hosting for friends


walter hoebich logo, circa 2000

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