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logo design for slc nerd - geek news and culture - created by walt hoebich color logo, slc nerd, utah

This logo helped announce the birth of Salt Lake City Nerd, a group of tech-smart creatives that offer geek culture and event news. Two versions of a logo were provided. To support a nerdy stereotype, larger cities are pimples, and bodies of water act as both a birth mark and a nerdy grimace. Designer’s choice is the black and white version, above.



Microfiber finger(s) sponge


Task: Create a fun character from a two-finger-sponge? After my study of the product, I found the double hem treatment at the opening for the fingers to be fitting for a mouth/the top and bottom lips. After that, it fell in to place for Colangelo Media Group.






Raven’s Moon logo options

Designer for Local Businesses


Before a full on package design layout for a local Tampa business, the logo is created first, in black and white. The Ancestral Wisdom logo below, was fun applied first to product labels and business cards.

(product pics coming soon)

Mama’s Famous Cannoli Chips

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  1. This logo design was record-breaking for fun in design, approval and total turnaround (3 days). Yep. Three days.

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