Designer tasks

Part of being a professional visual designer is embracing whatever means, whatever program, whatever content-gathering, production, publishing or exporting work-throughs or work-arounds necessary, to get finished and be proud one way or another…

Sticker design:
Daily whirlwind of distractions, impediments and other events 

Tornado art and design for corporate morale and instruction


Event poster

Wall poster for office of an online educator



Capillary art up close and labeled for learning


growing and curving arrow graphic with employee performance benchmarks at five points


Themed content

branded slides for learning


Learning content

roof tiles rendered and labeled learning

Illustrated roof layers, labeled for learning

Health and Wellness: Posture at the Workplace

Digital illustration: desk posture and ergonomics

Digital illustration: desk posture and ergonomics




Local Small Business Gets Assistance

Logo Design: B/W is what I always bust out first

Logo design for local client, black and white

When creating logos with my favorite Adobe software, it becomes almost addicting to keep producing versions of a logo, and sometimes I’m given static (in a nice way) for offering many options.

Logo design for local client, cool color scheme


Package layout and design

Package design mock up


Educational content pieces

Health and wellness: Home Health graphic design

Home health and wellness support flowchart of definitions

Home health and wellness learning: graphic



Homicides pie chart to show percentages of deaths with gun, 68, without gun, 32.









One thought on “Designer tasks

  1. JMarshall says:

    Your graphics really made the fliers for our event shine, and we have no doubt that they added to the success of our event. We really enjoyed working with you and can’t wait until the next time!

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