Theme Creation

I use a sketch pad in the workflows, and there are many that are filled. They’re used for hex values, widget versions, file paths and naming conventions, alpha levels, line widths, symbol names, transform properties, professor names and course lecture titles.


Template shell and GUI design by walt hoebich


GUI and theme design by walter hoebich


menu icon - nightclub
GUI design: Night Club

menu icon for dance club



Custom elements created for menu GUI and theme design


Teme design and GUI (Graphic User Interface)



testing and feedback

Bigger projects require user test groups (small groups at a time!) or a company email that goes out to invite visitors to a survey. Sometimes it’s “html” email with a nice design for an invite page (their email) as well as one for the landing page, where they land after they click (sorry, designers who may be reading!)





Slides and learning modules




Hearth & Patio Dealer in New York









































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