learning and development


Better understanding of concepts and ideasand processes – through illustration and animation!


Coronary artery art


Learning and development

Task: display proper lift and carry through animation, for display on a website

Faceless character carries a box


Safe-lifting animation
Png-sequence animation for safety in lifting




Health and wellness product advertising



Skin chunk illustration labeled for reference

Illustration of normal and clogged arteryCapillary art up close and labeled for learning

Heart illustration and flowchart depicting Pulmonary and Systemic circuits

Walt hoebich eLearing asset art: capillaries artwork

walt hoebich illustration support lungs and heart artwork


walt hoebich illustration of a nurse

graphic support with Compliance training illustration
office building art by walt hoebich


Calls To Action: eye-catching ads for the clicking

CTAs to health knowledge

Branded word cloud

Word cloud

Transition screens and subject panels

Title slide for Ethics knowledge
















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  1. Artist Walter Hoebich showcasing some visual design samples and methods

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