Designer tasks

Part of being a professional visual designer is embracing whatever means, whatever program, whatever content-gathering, production, publishing or exporting work-throughs or work-arounds necessary, to get finished and be proud one way or another... Sticker design: Daily whirlwind of distractions, impediments and other events    Event poster   Infographi...
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course matrix

  Course matrix poster Screensaver or printed poster provided to online students, so as to connect them to content a little more. Ideally, the online version is interactive and lives in the LMS. In the case of this creation, the course is laid out on a "game board pattern. It should be interactive, with hot spots on each lecture graphic that would take clickers st...
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two caricature samples
Cartoon portraits, quick sketches, and cartoon caricatures add fun and entertainment to any event. I enjoy sitting with people and busting out cartoon versions of them.     I draw from shared photos that are sent via text and email.  Details submitted can dictate some interesting jobs. If you are submitting a photo, keep these thin...
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