Drawings on paper




cartoons in bw or color





The “Walta Special”

Cartoon of the artist playing drums
When loaded to the edges with details and color, “LisaZ” named the 11×14 , the Walta Special!


Walt Hoebich Caricature of Matt




caricature in grayscale of the beautiful Ketsana


walter hoebich caricature of Hank and his dog Zach

Another happy kid with a cartoon



walt hoebich caricature art of BFFs

walt hoebich cartoon portrait of anniversary dancers

walt hoebich cartoon caricature of Clay


walt hoebich special: cartoon portrait PLUS








More celebrities

walter hoebich caricature of ace ventura

walt hoebich caricature art of celebrity jay leno



Bringing drawings to the computer and enhancing them is cool, but redrawing them 100% is really fun to do. Only the loosest sketch that captures some key lines is all that’s necessary. See more cartoons taken to the digital canvas at the tab Artsy Associates

Walter Hoebich caricature of Gisella

walter hoebich caricature of Lisa










2 thoughts on “Caricatures

  1. Gunce Malan-Rush says:

    Hi Walter,

    I really liked the real look of Hubby Height one:) Your drawings are awesome… I will be ordering one.

  2. Walt says:

    Thanks, Gunce! I hope you guys enjoy your art

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